10 Quotes to help you review your progress in 2017

I bet the first 7 Months of this year were very busy, so busy that you haven’t had time to think about all the areas of your life. Your attention- just like mine- might have been towards one or two areas of your life and all the other areas were neglected without intention. As it is just past the middle of the year, we need to review and reflect on what we have been up to this year.

Reflection 1

We are always learning and we are always thinking too. When we don’t reflect, the rate at which we are growing could cause us to implode when we are not taking the baby steps in learning and doing.

Reflection 2

I firmly believe that we have learned a few lessons in the past 6 month. I realised that we can add more value to people when we share insights through reflection.

Reflection 2

A full year is very long, so long that we can sometimes face the same challenges and fail every time we get to that cross road. I was someone who felt pressure when I had big tasks awaiting me during the week. This was so bad if I had 5 tasks, I would choose the best 2 tasks that would really pay-off. After doing a lot of reflection, I soon learned the power of time management and now I can say that I am better off.

Reflection 4

This year has been quite challenging for me, but I can say that I have learned a lot from the events that took in my life this year. One thing I really learned from reflecting on this year, “A good management of a bad experience leads to growth.”

Reflection 5

A swimmer’s technique is very unique, knowing when to poke your head out of the water to catch a critical breath is important for swimmers; this is how some win and some come 2nd best. Many of people are in school and need good grades, many people work for big companies that have big goals, but the reality is that just like the swimmers, when we don’t take time to catch our breaths we will eventually drown if our focus is just on finishing the race.

Reflection 6

We should have the confidence to live our lives like we are being filmed for one of the biggest Documentaries ever. Where at the end of the day, they would play back your time usage, the books you read, the meeting you attended, just so you can see if you are really being efficient and effective.

Reflection 7


We can sometimes confuse our needs in specific seasons. The funny thing is that we know when something is just not right. In that time, we don’t need to be on YouTube searching for Les Brown to give us a 50 min motivation, we need to apply the brakes of our busyness and sit down to reflect. ‘

Reflection 8

I think that we have all been at a place where we happened to ask ourselves, “How does he do it?” or “How does she do it?” I discovered that somehow the people who are top achievers just happen to ask themselves better questions. The athletes asks, “How can I increase the efficiency of workouts.” The business man asks, “How can I grow my business using Social Media.” Above all, the questions we ask ourselves make a big difference.

Reflection 9

The scientific process has a very important part that involves investigations. The greatest discoveries in the field of science happened because someone was willing to do that very impossible investigation. What will you be doing over the next 5 months.

Reflection 10

After having reviewed our last 7 months, we should come up with a plan to make the last 5 months better than the former. Write down what you would like to see in the last five months and unlike your first 7 months, broaden the spectrum of your goals by setting:
1. Spiritual goals.
2. Professional goals.
3. Relational goals.
4. Physical goals.
5. Mental goals.
6. Financial goals.
7. Leisure goals.

May you finish this year stronger that you have ever finished. Hope you enjoyed this article, feel free to leave your comments and don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page: TheCommonLine100

Leonard Lebere


Author: Leonard Lebere

Leonard is: Introverted. Love Reading. Value Friendships. Kingdom Builder. Natural Leader. Exude Confidence. Writes Differently

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